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Thursday, August 11, 2005

The Mind-Body Connection.

We usually think of our weight in physical terms. After all, lumps and rolls and bulges are the visible precipitants of our desire to lose weight. We pick a diet, pick an exercise, and pick a goal, all based on our distaste for our physical appearance.

But we are human beings - the species where the mind-body connection is so complex that it has eluded centuries of attempts to define it and tease it apart. Descartes and the philosophers wrangled over the concept for two hundred years. Freud, Skinner and a host of Psychiatrists, Psychologists, and Theologians have debated it ever since.

Do our minds have an independence existence or are they inseparably bound up with our physical selves?

From the perspective of weight control, the inter-relatedness of the two is obvious. We physically put food into our physical mouths but it is the mind that sets the action into motion. We feel hunger physically but appetite arises from the brain.

Our goal may be to reshape our body but our head got us into this predicament.

We'll talk some more.


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