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Sunday, June 04, 2006

10 Days To Weight Loss - Day 4

We can keep the pain of dieting sharp but short. We find it
much easier to handle even intense pain if the duration is
limited. We'll accept the sharp pain of lancing a boil or a
blister, knowing that it will be over in an instant and will
resolve that dull discomfort that has existed for days.

Likewise in dieting, we find it easier to be strict, even
tyrannical, on our food intake for a very limited period of
time. It is far easier to accept fasting, or a liquid diet,
or a single food item only regimen, if it is just for a few
days. That is the basis of the continued popularity of the 3
day - 7 pound "Hollywood" and "Celebrity" diets. It is the
reason people go to fat farms or fasting spas for a week.

We can deny ourselves almost anything for a few days. It is
the long-term denial, even of only a few items, that saps
our energy and destroys our resolve. The long, slow, weight
loss programs so loudly recommended lead, for this reason,
to inevitable relapse.


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