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Monday, August 29, 2005

Blame it on our brains

We have been talking about the mind-body connection and how it impacts our weight.

There have been experiments performed with infants in which they are provided with an enormous spread of food. Instinctively and repetitively, they select items that provide a healthy, balanced diet. This suggests that the human body is pre-programmed by nature to consume what it needs to survive.

What happens as we grow up? We are fed calorie-dense, sweet, and spicy food that overwhelms those basic urges. Dwarfed by the variety and intensity of this onslaught, the body abdicates its responsibility for intake decisions and the brain takes over.

The body has simple tastes developed over thousands of years of hunting (meat) and foraging (grains and berries). The brain, however, thrives on novelty, innovation, and complexity. It is the mind that invented the great cuisines of the world, combining the abundance of nature with subtleties of flavor, sauces, blends, condiments, toppings, and garnishments.

Thanks to our minds, we no longer eat what we need but eat what we want.

We'll explore this further next time.

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