Diet With An Attitude

An approach to weight control that delves into attitudes about weight, shape, appearance, and health. It requires a re-alignment of America's infatuation with food and painless dieting.

Tuesday, April 12, 2005

The Low Carb Trap

The discussion at work last night revolved around the wonders of low carb peanut butter cups.

Several of the staff are on various low carbohydrate diets: Atkins, South Beach, medical supervised programs. I listened in amazement while they calculated how many they could eat and stay within their daily allotment. Now, mind, you, these are professionals with at least a Masters Degree, and they were deadly serious.

Come on, guys. If you don't want to control your weight, you don't have to -- no one is standing over you with a whip. But if you purport to be on a diet, and talk repeatedly about your plan to lose 20 pounds, what are you doing with peanut butter cups, low carb or not?

The secret to successful weight control is breaking your unhealthy attitudes about food. Obsessing on low carb treats, whether they be bagels, special cookies, or peanut butter cups, is not going to get you anywhere except Lane Bryant's. While you lament that your diet is "Not working for me and I've been so careful," get the candy out of your mouth, your hands, and, above all, your mind.

Have a carrot and grow up!

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