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Friday, April 07, 2006

Ten Days To Permanent Weight Control - Day 2

At some time in our lives, we have all suffered pain. There is the dull, throbbing ache of a migraine or a stubbed toe. There is the sudden sharp pain of a pulled muscle or cracked rib. There is the breath-stopping severe pain of childbirth or a herniated disc. There is the miserable, unrelenting pain of severe injury or deliberate torture.

Astonishingly, we manage to survive whatever our body dishes out. Even more surprisingly, our memory of pain fades rapidly. If we accurately recalled our experience of pain, we would thread our way through life with undue caution and a smidgeon of paranoia, desperately seeking to avoid injury of any kind. We would never return to the dental chair or the operating room. No woman would give birth to a second child.

Why this rather gruesome discussion of pain?

Because losing weight is painful!

It stresses our bodies to have their comfortable routine upset. It stresses our minds to accept the negative changes we have to make. It stresses our emotions to refuse what we so dearly crave. It stresses our self-esteem when we have to confront what we have let ourselves become.

Next: Managing the pain of dieting.

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