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An approach to weight control that delves into attitudes about weight, shape, appearance, and health. It requires a re-alignment of America's infatuation with food and painless dieting.

Saturday, July 22, 2006

10 Days to Weight Loss #5

We can repeat the short bursts of pain from stringent food restriction in a well-organized long range program.

We know the quick "fad" diets work because they have worked for us - in the short term. The problem is that we then return to our old eating habits and those ugly, temporarily jettisoned, pounds pop right back.

If our goal is permanent weight control, we need to map out a campaign that combines short bursts of progress with longer periods of regular intake.

If you remember, our memories of pain fade quickly so a return to a short period of deprivation is no more difficult than the initial jolt.

It is this seesaw between tough days and satisfying days that lets us stay with the program and maintains both our momentum and our motivation.

Next: Mapping out your schedule.

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