Diet With An Attitude

An approach to weight control that delves into attitudes about weight, shape, appearance, and health. It requires a re-alignment of America's infatuation with food and painless dieting.

Saturday, April 16, 2005

Bad Day at Black Rock

Remember the old 'Pogo' line: "We have met the enemy and the enemy is us"?

This week I was my own worst enemy, at least when it comes to healthy living. For those of us who must relentlessly monitor our weight (or risk reaching balloon proportions in the blink of an eye), I let overwork, not enough sleep, and a lot of stress, blow my intelligent eating rules and went hog wild, consuming a pizza, 3 bagels, and an enormous carrot cake muffin within 2 days.

Did I pay for it on my scales? Of course. Have you noticed how sneaky our bodies are? We cheat and cheat and for 3 days think we got away with it. Then after another day or two of controlled, disciplined eating we suddenly gain 4 pounds and are forced to admit that the payback for our excesses may be delayed but inevitable.

Now I have to climb back on the diet wagon, regretting my actions and trying to forgive myself, and move on, swearing to do better, This weight war is one damn battle after another.

Will it ever get any easier?

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