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Sunday, August 20, 2006

10 Days to Permanent Weight Control # 7

You may wonder if the diet you pick makes a difference. Not for this program. There are literally thousands of "quickie" diets ranging from a minimum of 6 or 8 hours to as long as 7 to 10 days. Some are obviously more nutritionally balanced than others. Canned formula programs or mix-up shakes are usually quite complete while tomatoes and cottage cheese or cabbage soup routines may be deficient in many nutrients.

However, this is not a lifetime eating plan - you are eating unnaturally for only a few days at a time. Your body and digestive system can survive almost anything, including the complete absence of any nutrients, for a few days. What is important is that the diet be a true fad diet - stringent, Spartan, a minimum in calories of any kind.

The most effective approach is to mix and match. One week you might drink fruit juices for a day, then go on straight protein for a day, and lettuce and tomatoes for the third day. The frequent changes keep your body off balance and head off that dreaded "famine coming, famine coming" reaction which slows your metabolism to a crawl so your body can hang on to its dearly beloved fat stores.

Find new fad diets wherever you can. There are hundreds on the Internet, books and pamphlets galore, and every woman's magazine hosts its diet o'the month. You can try a total fast if you'd like but it's better to either limit that to 24 hours or to occasionally extend to 4-5 days as the second and third days are really tough while by the fourth and fifth days, any sense of hunger has completely gone. Don't go any longer than about 5 days unless you're an experienced faster or under expert supervision.

Pick whatever you like and what works within your food budget: buttermilk, cottage cheese and grapefruit, eggs and tomatoes, fish only, milk and bananas, yogurt, rice, raw food - there is a fad diet for almost anything you can imagine.

Keep trying new things to maintain your interest.

Next: Handling the non-dieting days.

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