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Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Ten Days To Permanent Weight Control - Day 1

We are overweight because we eat too much and move too little. It therefore logically follows that if we eat less and move more, we'll lose weight. Those are the simple and accurate recommendations of the professional experts: dieticians, nutritionists, fitness trainers, and doctors. It sounds so simple and so "right."

But we don't do it!


Because . . . it means changing our comfortable lifestyle. It means enormous personal effort for an agonizingly slow loss of pounds. It means changing routines and getting sweaty and fatigued. It means a lifetime commitment when we can barely concentrate on anything beyond next month. It means a boring life of counting calories and measuring walking distances. It means never having your diet end so you can finally eat what you've been craving for weeks.

It presents as an unappealing future, much like starting a long series of dental treatments that will involve a certain degree of pain and discomfort, at regular intervals, over weeks, months, even years.

A forbidding prospect, isn't it?

Next: How to make an end run on the pain of losing weight.

This is one section of a 10 day mini-course outlining a plan to lose weight rapidly and permanently. For more information, visit:

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