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Sunday, November 26, 2006

10 Days to Permanent Weight Loss, Day 9

How much weight can you lose on your program? How much do you want to lose? Keep going until you are where you want to be.

Now what?

Well, you have a choice. You can throw caution to the winds, discard your intermittent feeding program, and eat your way back to your old self, or you can opt for maintenance.

If you'd like to stay at your goal weight, you'll need to experiment a little, always with a keen eye on your trusty scales. If you settled at 3 days of stringent dieting a week, drop back to two and see what happens. If you're still maintaining, drop back to 1. If you've really cut down on your portions and streamlined your intake, you may be able to return to eating 7 days a week. But keep that hawk's eye on the scales and immediately add back a day of deprivation if you gain 2 pounds or more.

Also experiment now with the different quickie diets you've become familiar with. Some will be more effective for you than others so stick with the ones that give you the most bang for your buck.

Next: The final takeaway.

Virginia Bola

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